Summary Introduction

Managed Learner is a powerful tool which assists in the learning process. It presents Q&A information from questionnaires designed by experts in a particular field to a learner in a structured way from simple to complex. The learner on viewing segments of this information informs the system whether it was understood or not. Thus the system is able to present only those questions which are [potentially] challenging, i.o.w. it does not bother the learner with that which is labeled as 'known'. In this way the learner can proceed across a body of knowledge absorbing information presented until eventually achieving a complete awareness and understanding of all of that knowledge base. Managed Learner is a highly effective and focussed tool which saves time and imbues confidence and ability.       ........more info.

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Key Managed Learner Characteristics

  • Managed Learner is a full featured system. It is written up using the PHP scripting language. This means it can be used on virtually any operating system. No special database software is required.

  • Besides managing the interaction with students [testing themselves against questionnaires], all the software necessary to check new questionnaire syntax and to compile the questionnaires into the final form required is included.

  • Questionnaires may consist of up to a thousand standard or multiple choice questions located within up to 20 sections.

  • All questions may have html links pointing to relevant sections of prescribed course materials. Questions themselves may have html content within them in the form of graphics and sound.

  • There is a feedback facility to contact remote assistants with comments and questions.

  • The student using the system may ignore certain sections or may redo a section by clearing the record of attempt with that section.

  • A colour coded graphical grid chart provides a visual indication of how the student is performing in each of the questions.

  • Managed Learner is a powerful learning system which can be operated by persons with limited computer experience.

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