Chandra Ellaurie






         Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) –  UKZN   [1983]

         Professional Engineer – Engineering Council of South Africa  [Since 2012]

         Professional Engineer – Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Canada [Since 1992]

         Chartered Financial Planner Program    The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning [1998]

         Member - Rotary Club of Vancouver [1991 - 2001]





         25+ years experience as an engineer in the Communications, Defence and Transportation industries.

         Excellent communication, Leadership, Financial and Project Management skills.






Independent Engineering Consultant                                                                     [Aug 2014 - Present]




Senior Engineer - Infrastructure Planning, Air Traffic & Navigation Services    [Jul 2007 – Jul 2014]


         Primary role was to research and plan the procurement of Air Traffic Control equipment and infrastructure in line with International Civil Aviation Organization regulations.

         Participated in evaluation of tender responses for new systems that were being acquired.

         Participated in contract negotiations during procurement of new systems.

         Provided input for departmental budget, departmental procedures.

         Provided input to the Divisional Business Plan and Enabling Technology Roadmap.

         Reviewed the aviation aspects of the National, SADC and NEPAD Transportation Masterplans.

         Participated in tariff negotiations between ATNS and representatives of the airline industry.

         Participated in the preparation of CAPEX projections for submission to the Industry Regulator.

         Attended courses at GIBS on Financial Management and Advanced Negotiation.

         Visited Europe to attend advanced courses on Aviation Communications [2008].

         Met with ACSA representatives regarding their long term plans for their airports.

         Participated in meetings of ICAO African and Indian Ocean Geographical Region Surveillance Task Force.

         Participated in meeting of ICAO Global Navigation Satellite System Task Force in Nairobi [Dec 2008].







Private Initiative: Managed Learner - Online Education System                                          [2002-2006]


         Developed a complete web based education system that allows trainers to develop hierarchical questionnaires to present to candidates pursuing a particular course of study. The questionnaires define the standard required for the course thus confirming that upon completion students not only understand the material but can apply it effectively. [Managed Learner is open-source software and available at].




Staff Software Engineer ,  DENSO International America, Carlsbad, California              [2000 - 2001]


         Member of the Call Processing Division primarily charged with the responsibility of preparing the System Determination software for 2G and 3G CDMA handsets using the Qualcomm protocol stack. Acquired a detailed understanding of the Sprint and Verizon System Determination algorithms.




Staff Software Engineer ,  IBM  (formerly CommQuest Tech), Encinitas, California       [1998 - 1999]


         Member of team that upgraded the GSM Phase I Protocol Stack to produce the GSM Phase II  handset.

         Worked mostly with the Layer 3 components of the protocol stack viz. Call Control, Mobility Management and Radio Resources. Visited test houses in Denmark and Germany to confirm the technical integrity of the handset.    




Senior Software Engineer,  PCS WIRELESS, INC. ,  Vancouver,  Canada                 [1996 – 1997]


         Redesigned and expanded the software for the CellPATH Distributed Antenna Array System that extended cellular coverage [GSM, AMPS 800 – 900 MHz] to in-building sites (shopping malls and sports arenas). The CellPATH system consisted of a Base Station Extender as well as several Microcell Extenders.




Independent Consultant,  CGE Informatica,  Vancouver,  Canada                            [1993 – 1995]


         Contracted services to companies in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Most of the work related to developing embedded control and communications software.

         Developed a minimum implementation of CCITT T.30 Specification (Facsimile Communications over Civilian Channels) for Metricom Cellular to help them properly implement facsimile communications over their proprietary Ricochet networks.








Software Engineer, TRIONICS TECHNOLOGY LTD, Vancouver,  Canada                 [1990 – 1992]


         Developed the Lanier 161, a device that enabled regular facsimile machines to communicate via Strategic Telephone Units with secure facsimile copiers over military networks. The 161 obtained certification from the DOD in 1992for meeting the communication standards for US MIL_STD_188_161B and NATO Stanag 5000.

         Served as voting member with TIA TR29 Facsimile Systems and Equipment Committee during 1991 - 1992.




Software Engineer, UNITED ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, Durban, South Africa                 [1989]


         Contributed to the development and testing of the Submarine Navigation Subsystem that was linked to other subsystems by means of LAN cards implementing MIL_STD_1553B.

         Revised hardware that controlled the serial communications between the dual redundant computer subsystems and peripheral sense hardware. Wrote technical descriptions for all circuitry and software designed.




 [ During 1988 I traveled extensively across North America ]




Software Engineer,  GRINAKER RESEARCH, Durban, South Africa                               [1986 – 1987]


         [First company in the world to do a practical implementation of Frequency Hopping – Miltech 1985.]

         Member of a team that developed a new version of the Milcom KY500 Data Entry Terminal [DET] which is an hand-held unit used by infantry-men to communicate fixed-format and free-text alphanumeric messages with one another or their base station securely and reliably.

         Wrote the protocol software to link the DET to an high speed modem that was widely used by NATO forces. Supervised interface tests that were concluded very successfully in Europe. The DET was advertised in the Electronic Defense Review and the Journal for Electronic Defense.




Software Engineer, TELECOMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES, Johannesburg, RSA              [1985] 


         Member of team that managed and configured the French CIT Alcatel Telephone Exchange Systems for the local market.




Test Engineer,  COMPUTER SCIENCES LTD., Johannesburg, RSA                                            [1984] 


         Designed code for GENRAD Automatic Test Equipment to do rapid testing of complex digital circuit boards.




Instructor,  SASTRI APPRENTICE COLLEGE, Durban, RSA                                                         [1983]